Agriculture Supply Chain

What is Agriculture Supply Chain?

1. Complete listing of all Agriculture Mandis in India
2. Commodities in India
3. Current pricing of any commodity in India - display heat chart generated from our local database
4. Historical prices of commodities in India - displayed with different charts, generated, from our database
5. Govt information on pricing - links to various govt sites
6. Information providing - supply chain
7. Trading market place portal: farmer and trader to be given form to fill to indicate looking to buy/sell.

What is Ailing Indian farming?

There are about 15 crore Indian farmers. Indian Agriculture suffers from multiple problems and so does this very large segmentation of Indian population. A few prominent ones are:

Small and fragmented land-holdings, Seeds, Manures, Fertilizers and Biocides, Irrigation, Lack of mechanisation, Soil erosion, Agricultural Marketing, and broken supply chain, Inadequate storage facilities....

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